Fully specialized in home massage, our team travels across the whole Geneva canton, with everything necessary for your massage.

That leaves you with the choice of your ideal massotherapist. Let us help you out...

Male or female massotherapist, any preference ?

As you prefer !

Both are fine : maximize your possibilities of being satisfied and skip to the next questions !

I prefer a male massotherapist : book with Raphael

I prefer a female massotherapist : book with Anne-Marie, ChristelleViviane or Laura

At Mash Massage, the client is free to choose a male or female massotherapist, according to his own preferences, without having to justify.

Classic, relaxing, sports, therapeutic, deep tissue massage, ... ?

Everything's possible !

For classic or relaxing massages, whether with soft or strong pressure, we advise you to choose Laura, Christelle or Viviane.  

For a sports, therapeutic or deep tissue massage, Raphael and Anne-Marie are experts in this field, though these types of massages can be delivered by our entire team !

Strong, medium or soft pressure ?

What is your favourite ?

For a very strong pressure, Raphael is the man of choice. On the female side, Viviane and Anne-Marie will be your perfect match. Our other massotherapists can also without any problem answer to this kind of request.

All our therapists can adapt to a medium pressure.

For a soft pressure, let yourself be guided towards our female massotherapists, Laura, Christelle, Viviane and Anne-Marie.

Are you interested by other techniques than pure massage ?

We offer Lymphatic Manual Drainage, Herbalism sessions, Anticellulite Massage & Facial Massages !

Heavy legs, cellulite, water retention, oedemas, post-partum, scars...
Stimulate your lymphatic system, detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system.
Book a Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Anne-Marie. 

From severe pathologies to light daily issues, alone or coupled to a medical treatment, to relieve one or several medical conditions or health issues, benefit from a herbalism (phytotherapy) counseling session, according to Traditional European Naturopathy guidelines, with a very down-to-earth scientific approach. A full program will be established for the months to come, based on natural supplements. Please note that you will have to fetch and pay for your supplements in a drugstore, herbalism store or on the internet after your session.
It is possible to work on every health issue, physical or mental, to reduce your symptoms.
Book a Herbalism counseling session with Leana.

Reach your goals and enjoy a slimming massage, allowing great firmness and reducing cellulite, based on "palper-rouler" technique.
Watch the results of this technique on your body !
Book an Anticellulite Slimming Massage with Viviane.

Discover our Facial Massage Lift&Hydrate, a mix of cosmetics and massage : a facial massage for hydration, lifting and anti-ageing effects. Cleansing, scrubbing, deep massage, mask... treat yourself now !
Book a Facial Massage Lift&Hydrate with Viviane. 

Are you ready for this experience ?


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